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The dOOdads .NET Architecture


(The dOOdads Architecture is no longer being maintained)

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Persistence Layer and Business Objects for Microsoft .NET 

MyGeneration presents dOOdads, an elegant .NET architecture available in C# and VB.NET and capable of supporting any .NET managed data provider. Currently dOOdads are available for Microsoft SQLOracle, Firebird, Access, PostgreSQL, VistaDB, SQLite, and MySQL .


The dOOdads architecture presents your DMBS system to you in a highly intuitive fashion, see the below example:

A Quick Example - Using an Employees Object

// Load and Save Employees emps = new Employees(); if(emps.LoadByPrimaryKey(42)) { emps.LastName = "Just Got Married"; emps.Save(); } // Add a new record Employees emps = new Employees(); emps.AddNew(); emps.FirstName = "Mr."; emps.LastName = "dOOdad"; emps.Save(); // After save the identity column is already here for me. int i = emps.EmployeeID;

After you install MyGeneration you will find the dOOdad architecture and demos in the Architecture directory. The demo is setup to run against SQL Servers "Northwind" database, to change the connection string modify the app.config file and recompile, you will also need to generate the stored procedures to run the demo.

Easy Steps to Create your dOOdads Project in Just Seconds

  • Create your .NET Solution and add the MyGeneration.dOOdads project to your solution (via Add Existing Project). Then add MyGeneration.dOOdads as a reference to your solution (use the project tab during "Add Reference").
  • Generate your stored procedures using the proper MyGeneration template (VistaDB, SQLite, and MySQL dOOdads do no't use stored procedures)
  • Generate your dOOdad class from a table or view and add it to your solution.
  • Generate a concrete class for the generated class you created in step above.
  • Set the connection string in your app.config or web.config file.  See BusinessEntity.ConnectionString or set it directly on the object.
  • Right mouse on the two classes for your database in the MyGeneration.dOOdads project in the DbAdapters folder and set their "Build Action" to compile.
  • Build and run your project.

    For technical support or to make suggestions for improvements see the dOOdad Forum

    The Concrete Class
    The concrete class can actually be initially generated or you create it yourself. The concrete class is about 5 lines of code and it is also where your business logic will reside.
public class Employees : _Employees { public Employees() { } }
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