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My2ndGeneration is a brand new Code Generation / Social Coding site which exists both in the Cloud and on the Desktop.

Our tiny little cross platform application runs on Windows, Linux, or the Mac and serves only to push your metadata up to the My2ndGeneration Cloud.
Of course, you can use the Desktop Version as well.

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MyGeneration - Code Generation, O/R Mapping, and Architectures

The Free Code Generator / OR Mapping Tool the competition doesn't want you to know about


MyGeneration is now 100% open source!

The MyGeneration Code Generator has gone Open Source!


** MyGeneration is stable and available now on download.com **


Anyone that would like to contribute, please email us or better yet, request a role on sourceforge.




Persistence Layer and Business Objects for Microsoft .NET 2.0 or Higher

EntitySpaces Adding Joins and Arithmetic Expressions

public void JoinWithArithmeticExpressionOrderByCalulatedColumn()
    // Notice we create a calulated column based on the TotalSales, then Order by it descending
    CustomerQuery cust = new CustomerQuery();
    OrderQuery order = new OrderQuery();
    OrderItemQuery item = new OrderItemQuery();


    cust.Select(cust.CustomerName, (item.Quantity * item.UnitPrice).Sum().As("TotalSales"));
    cust.InnerJoin(order).On(order.CustID == cust.CustomerID);
    cust.InnerJoin(item).On(item.OrderID == order.OrderID);
    cust.OrderBy("TotalSales", esOrderByDirection.Descending);


    CustomerCollection coll = new CustomerCollection();

From mobile devices to large scale enterprise solutions in need of serious transaction support, EntitySpaces can meet your needs. Whether you’re writing an ASP.NET application with medium trust requirements, or a Windows.Forms application, the EntitySpaces architecture is there for you. EntitySpaces is provider independent, which means that you can run the same binary code against any of the supported databases. EntitySpaces uses no reflection, no xml files, and sports a tiny foot print of less than 200k. Pound for pound, EntitySpaces is one tough .NET architecture.

Persistence Layer and Business Objects for Microsoft .NET


EasyObjects.NET 1.2 Released - November 27, 2006

Monday, November 27th, 2006

EasyObjects.NET 1.2
The O/RM for Microsoft's Enterprise Library


It's been a long time coming, but NCI is pleased to announce the availability of the EasyObjects.NET 1.2. While this version only supports .NET 1.1 and the June 2005 Enterprise Library, the features will be ported forward into the upcoming 2.0 version.

New and updated features in the EO 1.2 platform include:

  • Client-side default values
  • New dynamic query operators, to make your queries more portable across platforms
  • IDENTITY insert capability on both SQL Server and Oracle platforms
  • SEQUENCE and ROWID bug fixes for Oracle
  • More complete NUnit test suites for C# and VB.

Download a copy now, and see how EasyObjects.NET can turbocharge your development process!

New Gentle.NET Template Released - Friday, March 3, 2006

Angelo Hulshout has posted a new Gentle.NET template.  Check it out in the online Template Library or simply right mouse on the Template (Gentle.NET Business Entity $Rev: 965 $) in MyGeneration.exe and do a web update. Read me HERE ...

The dOOdads .NET Architecture - It's Tight !!

Do you want to write highly readable code like this? We have dOOdads for Microsoft SQL, Oracle, Firebird, Access, PostgreSQL, VistaDB, SQLite, and MySQL.


// Load and Save
Employees emps = new Employees();
= "Just Got Married"

// Add a new record

Employees emps = new Employees();
= "Mr."
= "dOOdad"

// After save the identity column is already here for me.

int i = emps.EmployeeID;


// Dynamic Query - All Employees with 'A' in thier last name
Employees emps = new Employees();
emps.Where.LastName.Value = "%A%";
emps.Where.LastName.Operator = WhereParameter.Operand.Like;


If the answer is 'Yes' download MyGeneration and you could have your MyGeneration dOOdads business layer done before you head home today ... See our FREE dOOdads .NET Architecture HERE

DotNetNuke - AppTheory announces the ATGen SDK
Wednesday, October 12, 2005

AppTheory is happy to announce the BETA availability of the ATGen SDK for DotNetNuke. This SDK allows developers to quickly create modules and the associated data access layers in minutes that would normally take a good part of a day for each database object that was being accessed and modified.   read more...

MyGeneration's DotNetNuke Module
MyGeneration Releases its First DotNetNuke Module - Friday, August 26, 2005

MyGeneration has released it's first DotNetNuke Module. This module is for other MyGeneration fans who might want to list the top 10 downloaded templates or the top 10 most recent templates or perhaps even your own templates?. You can filter by Title, Namespace, and or Author. MyGeneration provided the webservice and Scott Schecter created the DNN module for. Again Scott you have been a tremendous help again ...Thank you. Download ==> http://download.mygenerationsoftware.com/MyGenTemplateStatsv01.00.03.zip


Top 10 Most Downloaded Templates
NHibernate Object Mappingk-dub32003
dOOdad Stored Proceduresmy.generation30046
dOOdads Business Entitymy.generation27916
NHibernate Class GeneratorMike.Griffin27489
NHibernate Object Mapping 1.1gekannt25970
dOOdads Business Viewmy.generation25823
dOOdads Concrete Classmy.generation25674
NHibernate lujan99 - 1.0.6lujan9925102
Access Stored Proceduresmy.generation24715
Sql DAAB Stored Proceduresmgnoonan24663

A Code Snippets Library has been started for dOOdads

One of our users kierepka has started a Code Snippets library for our dOOdads .NET architecture, check it out. Perhaps this will grow into something huge.  Check it out here ...


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