EntitySpaces LLC Releases Trial Version / New Architecture

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EntitySpaces LLC Releases Trial Version / New Architecture

Postby mike.griffin on Sat Mar 18, 2006 8:47 pm

EntitySpaces, LLC Releases Trial Version - Friday, March 17th, 2006

EntitySpaces LLC has released a trial version of their Provider Independent Architecture which is scheduled to go into production on March 31st.

The EntitySpaces(TM) architecture for .NET is a new architecture for the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework. The EntitySpaces architecture is database independent. The data providers are loosely coupled to your application and allow you to use the same compiled code to access a whole host of databases.

  • Very tiny footprint, less than 150k
  • Serialization
  • Simple, powerful, dynamic queries, improves greatly on dOOdads
  • True collections with foreach syntax
  • Saving via stored procedures or dynamic SQL
  • Two different transaction models
  • Design time data binding
  • Abstract and Concrete Classes
  • Generated from your database schema
  • Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access and Oracle providers are in the Trial

DotNetNuke module developers will find EntitySpaces to be an attractive alternative to the DotNetNuke DAL. Many of the features listed above, including important ones like transactions, are not available when using the DotNetNuke DAL API. The EntitySpaces provider independence model we feel is much easier because it is basically transparent and provided by EntitySpaces itself. It is not left up to you, the developer, to create. EntitySpaces handles it for you. There is a sample DotNetNuke module on our main menu, take a look at the source code listing too.

See http://www.entityspaces.net

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