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.Net Templates and Classes

Postby mr_lasseter on Fri Dec 08, 2006 5:45 pm

Don't know if what I am trying to do is possible, but I got it half way working.

I wanted to create a set of classes the included my inputs for various templates in a dll. Doing so allowed me to use the Properties Window control for input into my templates. I did run into a couple of issues with this.

The first being that I could save the class in the input parameters, but when I tried to get the values out in the template piece it did not think the classes were the same type. I kept getting error message could not convert classA to type of ClassA. I got around this by using reflection to write each of the properites of the class as variables into the input array. This is not so bad.

This leads to my next problem. If I record the template my values are saved and they are correct each for each time I run the template, but if I try to edit the recording by changing the values, the Properties Window does not display my saved values. I don't see anyway of getting the recorded values to populate the class. I thought I should just be able to cycle trough the input variable and load the values using reflection, but to my surprise the recorded values were not in the input array.

Is there something I am missing? Am I trying to make this to complicated? I really like being able to use the Properties Window for the input display it is very clean, but it is a pain in the rear if I need to change a value in the template recording as I have to fill all the values over again.

Thanks in advance.
Mike Lasseter
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