Passing ReferencePath environment variable to the compiler

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Passing ReferencePath environment variable to the compiler

Postby CLagrange on Thu Feb 14, 2008 4:59 pm


Some of my scripts depend on dll external to MyGeneration.
These dll contains utility method and other thing I use in my scripts.
The problem I have is that to get it to work I have to copy these dll in the bin folder of MyGeneration. This is not very practical when working with multiple version of my project (trunk and branch).
I was able to make 2 small modification to the MyGeneration source code to overcome this problem.
I have touch 2 files:

In the first file I made a change to pass the RefrencePath to compiler.
In the second file I added an assembly resolver to load dll located a long the ReferencePath. This is needed for executing the script.

The changes I made seems to work fine and I was wondering if they could be included in the source repostory of MyGeneration.

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