NHibernate Newbie - How to learn it ?

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NHibernate Newbie - How to learn it ?

Postby olivertech on Wed Sep 05, 2007 4:11 pm

Hi Everybody,

I am using in my work the NHibernate as an user, and I don´t know how it really works and how can I do to build some framework using it.

In the company where I works the architect professional has the habit to don´t expose his knowledge and everything he creates to the others. He tells that all those things are just to be used by the others and not to be understood.

But I really wanna know more than just use it. I wanna learn how to build a framework step by step using NHibernate, but I don't have any idea how to begin.

Well, I see here im my work that the architect used rhino, castle (from http://www.castleproject.org/) and I don´t know for what those things area used with NHibernate.

He used some dlls called Boo too, and I am really confused how to integrate all those things.

So, I am here asking the forum to help me to understand all those things. Has anybody here to help me ? I need just an explanation that make me fill more confortable about those tecnologies and the interaction between than.

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