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    Archive: MyGeneration PHP Architecture
    Author: my.generation
    Created: 7/19/2004 12:00:00 AM
    Last Updated: 6/3/2005 9:51:16 AM

    Using the MyGeneration PHP Architecture is much like using other multi-tier architectures common in compiled languages such as Java and C#. Because PHP supports class inheritance, it is possible to design a set of classes that encapsulate repetitive database access code, sql escaping rules, etc. If you find any bugs, please let me know and I'll update the templates or libraries accordingly.
    To facilitate a common database query api, I used the well tested phpBB database classes. Thanks to the open source phpBB community for thier hard work!
    Article about the MyGeneration PHP Architecture
    Templates (by Title)
    UpdatedTitleOutput LanguageUsername# Downloads# Views
    6/3/2005 PHP Business Object PHP my.generation 162842830
    Files (by FileName)
    Date UpdatedFileNameFile TypeFile SizeUsername# Downloads
    5/23/2005 mygen_framework.php Unknown14385 my.generation 28184
    7/1/2004 mygen_msaccess.php PHP10100 my.generation 30021
    7/1/2004 mygen_mssql-odbc.php PHP10138 my.generation 27595
    6/3/2005 mygen_mysql.php Unknown7066 my.generation 27619
    5/23/2005 mygen_postgres7.php Unknown9601 my.generation 27566
    6/3/2005 PHPArchitectureSample.zip Unknown10557 my.generation 27579
    Articles (by Title)
    UpdatedTypeTitleUsernameLatest Message# Views
    11/17/2004Tutorial Generating DataAccess Classes in PHP with MyGeneration my.generation 3/21/2006 6:53:45 AM7851
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    Messages (by Date Created)
    Date Created
    8/4/2008 2:21:48 AM by somms :
    There is a serious bug updating and deleting collections. No filter are asociated to collection items so every object will be updated or deleted!!! I've solved this bug checking for empty SQL where clauses, and calling then to this function: function build_where_id_clause() { $sql=""; foreach ($this->primary_keys as $key) { if($sql!="") { $sql.=" AND "; } $sql.= "$key LIKE ". $this->sql_escape($key, $this->data[$key]); } return $sql; }
    6/3/2005 9:53:37 AM by my.generation :
    I just updated the MySQL library and tested it with an old MySQL Database. I also updated the template (to fix a bug) and attached a very simple sample php application that I built to test the mysql functionality.
    5/23/2005 11:41:53 AM by my.generation :
    Ooops -- I should make these things editable, huh -- The MySQL file was sent to me by Tuan Nguyen.
    5/23/2005 11:39:48 AM by my.generation :
    I havn't had the opportunity to test the MySQL PHP architecture file. It was sent to me by .
    4/6/2005 6:55:37 PM by jdg :
    I'm Spanish, my english is very bad,... One cuestion, i see that there is file like msaccess.php, mssql-odbc.php and postges7.php, my cuestion is, is there mysql.php?, If there is some file like mysql.php please tell me where.
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