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    Archive: xml/xsd providerplugin MyMeta.Plugins.Xsd3b.dll for MyGeneration >=
    Author: 3b
    Created: 4/18/2007 9:34:48 AM
    Last Updated: 6/26/2007 11:20:45 PM

    MyMeta.Plugins.Xsd3b.dll (Version 0.2) is a providerplugin that allows you to use an xml file as dataprovider for mygeneration instead of an online sqldatabase.
    xml file can either be a standard "*.xsd" -file that is used by microsofts "typed datasets" or the authors internal "*.xsd3b" xmlfile that has a much easier xml-structure
    there is a csgen template  that creates the xml/xsd/xsd3b from an existing database
    download the ziped plugin binary from 
    unzip the files
    Copy these files into the MyGeneration bin folder
    	* MyMeta.Plugins.Xsd3b.dll
    	* Dl3bak.Xsd3b.dll
    	* Dl3bak.Xsd3b.Xsd.dll
    copy these templates to the mygen-templates folder
    	* xsd3b\ToXsd.csgen
    	* xsd3b\xsd3b\ToXsd3b.csgen
    Create an xml (*.xsd3b) fiile from a mygeneration datassource
    	* Select the Datassource in mygeneration where your data should come from
    	* Execute the ToXsd3b.csgen template. it is located in the template browser unter xml/ToXsd3b
    Use an xml (*.xsd3b) fiile as mygeneration datasource
    	* (re-) start MyGeneration.exe
    	* open the "Default Settings" dialog by selecting the menuitem "Edit/Default Settings ..."
    	* make shure that the "Connection" tab is selected
    	* from the combobox "Driver:" select "Xsd3b"
    	* instead of a connectionstring enter the filename of a *.xsd or *.xsd3b file.
    	* press ok to accept the changes
    	* In the "MyMeta Browser" you can see the tables and fields of the *.xsd or *.xsd3b file.
    I have tested MyMeta.Plugins.Xsd3b.dll and the templates with ms-access datasources since thats the only database i use at home
    feel free to let me know, wether your successfully used it with other datasources as well.
    known problems.
    MyMeta.Plugins.Xsd3b.dll (Version 0.2) is build against MyGeneration
    The previos MyMeta.Plugins.Xsd3b.dll (Version 0.1) was build against MyGeneration and does not work with MyGeneration
    Currently storedeprocedure -results are not correctly mapped with mymeta.dll version
    have fun
    klaus (alias "3b")
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    6/26/2007 Mygen.Plugin.xsd3b-070626-bin-MyGeneration- Unknown58535 3b 3129
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    Date Created
    6/18/2007 5:31:40 AM by justin.greenwood :
    If you would like, we can add you to the open source mygeneraiton project and this plugin can be standard. It's on sourceforge - all you have to do is let me know your SF login and I will add you as a developer.
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